Hosting the Tour Down Under

Published on 20 February 2017


City of Burnside Mayor, David Parkin said today that the decision to not pursue hosting a Tour Down Under stage event in 2018 was based on the cost of the event as well as the fact that the City of Burnside does not have a main street in which to host such an event such as The Parade or King William Road.

“Council has worked hard to give our ratepayers the lowest rate increase in the state through focussed financial management, while still delivering the quality services our residents expect," Mayor Parkin said.

“Hosting a stage of the Tour would require either reducing services or increasing rates to find the funds in the next budget to do so," Mr Parkin said.

Mayor Parkin said that he personally enjoys the TDU every year and can see the remarkable benefits that it brings to the communities of SA.

“Unfortunately at this juncture Burnside is not able to bid for a stage event however we may look to partner with the City of Campbelltown to host a stage event on Magill Road in Magill in the future," Mayor Parkin said.