Due process must be allowed to play out: Burnside Mayor

Published on 21 August 2017



Monday 21 August 2017

The following statement is made by the City of Burnside Mayor, Mr David Parkin.

“Due process must be allowed with the annual performance review of the Council CEO, which is currently underway.

“Today’s proposed Special Meeting – called at very short notice by Councillor Lance Bagster to debate the performance of Burnside’s CEO - was an attempt to undermine both the endorsed procedure and the necessary due process of that procedure.

“Councillor Bagster is aware that there is an official process currently underway by Council to comprehensively review the CEO’s performance for the financial year just completed.

“The CEO Performance Assessment is an annual practice undertaken by an independent consultant in an established process which satisfies the necessary standards of HR procedures and has been endorsed by Council.

“This process is on track and a final report is due to be handed to Council next month. The Consultant’s Report has yet to be received but I am informed that the CEO has performed strongly against the Key Performance Indicators established by Council.

“It is imperative, indeed, it is a legal requirement on Council that Elected Members are fully informed before any debate and decisions at Council on the performance of the CEO.

“It is significant that eight of the Council’s 13 Elected Members did not attend today’s proposed Special Council meeting. Indeed, given the risks that Cr Bagster seemed intent on creating for Council and, in turn, for the Burnside community, by his actions, the non-attendance of those eight Elected Members has ensured that those risks do not materialize.

“Councillor Bagster’s unsuccessful attempt to short-circuit the established procedure can only reasonably be interpreted as yet another vexatious attempt by Councillor Bagster and his handful of supporters to undermine the role and work of Council.

“It is unfortunate that this latest campaign against the Council in general and the CEO in particular comes at a time when Councillor Bagster has made a further request for a leave of absence (for a three month period), from Council duties in order to deal with private health issues. I am concerned that his ongoing initiatives may further adversely impact those health issues.

“I maintain full confidence in the CEO and the Council Administration which continue to be strongly supported by the Burnside community.”

David Parkin