The Parade - West Terrace, Kensington Gardens Intersection Black Spot

Published on 01 August 2019


This location has been identified as a Black Spot and Council has been granted Federal Government funding to undertake crash mitigation works.


A Black Spot intersection is defined as an intersection where three 'injury' crashes have occurred within a five year period. The intersection of The Parade and West Terrace recorded ten crashes with nine of those resulting in injury over a five year reporting period (2012-2016). Of the ten crashes, nine were 'right angle' or 'right turn' crashes from West Terrace into, or across The Parade. Note: the human body is particularly vulnerable to injury from side-on impact as reflected in the very high rate of crashes resulting in casualty or injury. 

When assessing nearby crash information it was also noted that in August 2017 a pedestrian was hit and suffered minor injuries when crossing The Parade between West Terrace and Myall Avenue. The works provide the opportunity to incorporate Pedestrian Refuges to both the west and east of the intersection to improve the safety of pedestrians crossing The Parade in this area. 

Details of works 

The traffic control treatment will involve the installation of raised solid median islands along The Parade and associated signage and pavement marking that will prohibit right turn movements from West Terrace into, or across The Parade. This will potentially eliminate the likelihood of future right angle crashes at this intersection.

Left turns into, and out of West Terrace, and right turns into West Terrace from The Parade will be maintained. This will apply regardless of the direction of travel.

An example of a standalone Pedestrian Refuge is located on The Parade adjacent to Kensington Gardens Reserve to the east between Coolibah Avenue and Peroomba Avenue.

Street lighting will also be reviewed and likely upgraded as part of the project.

The bike and parking lanes along The Parade will not be affected other than some localised loss of on street parking in the immediate vicinity of the two new Pedestrian Refuges.

Council acknowledges that the banning of right turn movements from West Terrace and installation of the raised medians may inconvenience some residents and users of Kensington Gardens Reserve. However, in the interest of dramatically improving road and community safety at this location, the proposal is considered appropriate.

Next steps

Initial components of the project including an engineering survey, locating utility/services and detailed design will commence shortly prior to tendering and commencement of civil works. It is expected civil works will commence later in 2019. Residents and Kensington Gardens Reserve based organisations will be updated prior to works commencing.

More information

A copy of the concept and a general location is included on page 3 and 4 of the Related Information above. 

City of Burnside Councillors considered a report on this project at their ordinary meeting on 25 June 2019 (agenda item 13.4) which was supported unanimously. These minutes can be found at

Prior to commencing works, traffic surveys will be conducted in surrounding local streets including West Terrace. Further surveys will be conducted following completion of the works along with a ‘bedding in’ period in order to monitor any changes to traffic patterns and travel routes as a result of the right turn ban. This information will be used to evaluate the extent any impact and guide potential ancillary and/or appropriate additional traffic control if necessary.

If you require more information or would like to submit your feedback, please do not hesitate to contact Council’s Principal Traffic Engineer, David Hayes, on 8366 4200 or via email at 

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