COVID-19 Information for City of Burnside Community

Published on 13 March 2020

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Dear community member

You will have likely seen the announcement yesterday (12 March) of a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) relating to COVID-19. In addition to this our national and State situation is rapidly changing on a day to day basis.

I want to reassure you that the Council is continuing to manage the situation through the Local Government Association SA, SA Health and the Eastern Health Authority; also taking into account any advice that is or will be issued by the Federal Government.

As of this afternoon (13 March) the Prime Minister has announced that all mass gatherings attended by more than 500 people will be cancelled from Monday next week. (16 March)

The Federal Government and Cabinet is yet to work through the exact and precise details of the change management and logistics of working through this ban / cancellation. Once official guidelines are released we will adopt accordingly and notify the community on how it will impact events being held within the City of Burnside.

This does not result in an immediate impact on Council’s services which will continue to be delivered; however, with proactive monitoring and due diligence with regular risk assessments being made as needed and recommended.

We will continue to communicate promptly and regularly should specific activities of the Council become impacted, or as new information comes to hand, appreciating that this is a fluid situation. New events will be assessed on a case by case basis with all existing events similarly reviewed on an individual basis prior to occurring. This will be in line and consistent with the advice of the Federal Government on the matter; noting that often Council’s events are not the same in number as that of other larger organisations.

I also ask that all hirers and organisations that may be using Council facilities / venues or have hire arrangements in place take this advice into account when considering your event planning.

In light of recent concerns in the community regarding coronavirus, we would like to remind people that the Department of Health (Federal) and SA Health (State) are the authority for factual updates.

The Australian Government are monitoring this respiratory illness and issue updated public health alerts daily based on the latest expert medical advice.

Should the Commonwealth Government health alerts require any change in our services to the community, in particular for our My Aged Care clients, our Community Transport, and Health and Wellbeing Programs, we will communicate these changes with impacted parties.

What do I need to do?

There is evidence that it spreads from person to person. Good hygiene can prevent infection.

We urge you to:

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AND to keep well informed through

As part of basic hand hygiene we have arranged for hand sanitiser dispensers to be placed at key areas such as Customer Service and the Library.

We are also in the process of procuring stand-alone larger style units for our public access and communal areas.

The information on this website is issued by the Australian Government Department of Health who have jurisdiction in such matters.

For the latest travel advice on COVID-19, visit

You can also collect information about the coronavirus, prevention and management, from Council’s Customer Service Desk.

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Going forward

The safety of our staff and community is our paramount concern and we will continue to monitor the situation and advise of any changes to these positions.

Thank you for your support.

Chis Cowley

Chief Executive Officer

City of Burnside 



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