Council supports CEO decision

Published on 01 June 2017


At a Special Meeting held Tuesday 30 May 2017, the Burnside Council resolved to support the CEO regarding his responsibilities in ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of Council staff.

After receiving a verbal update on the circumstances leading to the CEO’s recent actions, the Council resolved as follows:

“The Council fully supports the Chief Executive Officer’s responsibility for and to take action to protect the work health and safety of employees of the City of Burnside in accordance with the Council’s legal requirements set out in the Local Government Act 1999 and the Work Health and Safety Act 2012.”

Mayor David Parkin said the CEO had acted appropriately and in the best interests of his staff.

“He has a legal and a moral obligation to protect his staff from workplace bullying and harassment,” Mayor Parkin said.

“He has chosen to give effect to this by ordering that all staff not attend Council meetings and has implemented appropriate communication protocols. The CEO will, of course, continually review these circumstances with a view to resuming ‘normal services’ as soon as practicable and appropriate.”

The Administration will present a report to the 13 June 2017 meeting of the Council, setting out the conduct matters that gave rise to the Chief Executive Officer’s verbal update to Council, regarding the Council responsibility to ensure a safe work place.


Contact: Jenny Barrett 0408 717 025

Issued by:

Mayor David Parkin

 City of Burnside