Online Rates Searches FAQs

1. Where can I find the eServices Homepage?

In your internet browser, navigate to

2. I ordered my Search but I have not received the Rates Section 187.

The Rates Section 187 Search will be emailed to the original email that the account was created with. If this is different to the email that you have ordered the search from, then please check the registered email inbox.

Please check your Spam inbox for our return email, it will be from a City of Burnside (Do not reply) address, and it should have your search request as an attachment in the email. If you still cannot find it, please contact us to confirm it has been sent.

3. When should I receive my Search?

You can find here the Search Types and their turnaround:

  • Sec 187: within 10 minutes
  • Sec 7: within 8 business days
  • Full Search: within 8 business days
  • Urgent Fee: within 24 hours

4. How can I find out the pricing of Searches for the next Financial Year?

We will usually receive the updated pricing in early July. You can check with us what the prices will be after this period please visit our Online Rates Searches page.

5. I ordered an Updated Sec 187 within the 3 months of my original request, but have been declined the update, why?

Please ensure you are not requesting the Updated Sec 187 in a new financial year. Searches are only valid for the current financial year they are ordered in. We can only offer you the update up until the 30th of June.

Also ensure you were the original conveyancer requesting the search, if the original was ordered by another company, they will need to order the update on your behalf.

6. How can I order a search for multiple properties sharing the same Certificate of Title?

  • You will need to order a Sec 187 for each property.
  • To receive the Sec 7 information, one of the properties must be a Full or Urgent Full Search.
  • This Full Search will contain all the relevant information on every property for this Certificate of Title.

7. How can I order a search on a property with multiple Certificate of Titles?

Ordering a search with multiple certificate of titles you are required to order one at a time.

First Certificate of title - Using the normal process for ordering a Full or Urgent Full Search, and add the first Certificate of Title. Please do not merge CTs into one attachment.

Additional Certificate of Title - Using the normal process for ordering a property with an additional Certificate of Title you will need to select Sec 7 Search and add CT attachment.

8. I have forgotten my Password and can’t order searches.

If you have forgotten your password contact our Rates Team on 8366 4200 and we will reset your password.

9. I cannot find a property to order the search.

If you have tried searching using the property address and it does not return a match try using the Land search and enter in the Certificate of Title. Please ensure the legal description matches your Certificate of Title before continuing your request.

10. I have ordered the wrong property, can I get a refund?

NO - We do not offer refunds for ordering the wrong property search, please check when searching the property to ensure the legal description does match your Certificate of Title.