Capital Works Projects


Council will be undertaking the following works as part of the current Capital infrastructure renewal program within the City. Changes and additions may occur throughout the year, but the contractor will notify affected residents wherever the works would impact on the resident's access.

This list does not include other works that are part of building facilities management.

For further information on the renewal works or for maintenance requests, please contact the City of Burnside on 8366 4200.

To view the Footpaths Programme, Kerb Programme, Road Resurfacing & Pavements Programme, Stormwater Drainage Programme, Strategic Projects, Traffic Management and Miscellaneous Projects in your area look on the What's Near Me map.

Resident Information Guide for Footpaths

For more information on how footpaths are installed, and answers to frequently asked questions, please review the resident information guide below.  This information gives more detail on the construction of new footpaths, and the renewal of an existing footpath.