Conyngham Street Depot Redevelopment

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In May 2018 Council approved the Conyngham Street Depot Master Plan with construction scheduled to commence in 2018/19. The Master Plan design incorporated input from the community provided through the community consultation process. 

See an artist's impression of the site below. For more information about the Master Plan or for a detailed design view of the building click here

An operational Council Depot will be retained at the site, separated from the community spaces in the design. 

What will be constructed? 

A vibrant community space. The redeveloped site will feature a Men's Shed, Biodiversity Conservation Nursery, Community Garden, outdoor plaza area, storage and a reconfigured Council Depot. Off-street car parking, toilet amenities, a bike repair station and a shared kitchen will also be available for site users. 

What will happen during construction? 

Council has engaged a contractor, BluBuilt, to undertake the construction works. These works include the demolition and removal of all existing structures and services, the removal of existing plants and trees on site, earthworks, soil removal, excavation and levelling for the foundations of the new buildings and facilities. 

Eight street trees (Crepe Myrtles) are located adjacent to this site. Three Crepe Myrtles will be removed to accommodate the new driveway. 

All materials from the demolition will be transported off site to an appropriate waste facility. 

A car park, Depot facilities, a service road, access ramps, paving and landscaping will also be constructed during these works. 

Council does not anticipate a heavy increase in traffic demands as a result of this construction. 

Residents will notice workers and vehicles on the site and trucks on Conyngham Street to Greenhill Road. 

Every effort will be made to minimise dust and noise during construction. 

The hours of work will be Monday to Friday from 7 am - 5 pm. There may be an occasional requirement for work to be undertaken on Saturdays from 7 am - 3 pm. Should this take place noisy work activities will not commence until 8 am. 

More information 

For more information contact Aaron Schroeder, Strategic Projects and Planning Manager, on 8366 4200 or email or to be involved in the programs, contact Farlie Taylor, Council's Group Manager Community Connections, on 8366 4200 or email 

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Project Updates

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Update 3 April 2019 

Please see photos below of the site. 

Works are progressing to schedule. Demolition is complete and all earthworks, soil remediation and subgrade works are expected to be finished soon. BluBuilt will then start laying down the rubble and commence stormwater works. 

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Update 16 April 2019 

Please see photos below of the site. 

Works continue to progress on schedule. All major earth sub-grading works are complete and construction of the stormwater infrastructure is underway. The first layer of pavement construction is three-quarters complete. The contractor continues to manage dust on the site using a rotating water sprinkler and a water truck. 

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Update 30 April 2019 

Please see photos below of the site. 

Construction of the stormwater infrastructure is continuing and most of the first layer of base rubble has been completed. Over the next few weeks, the contractor will construct the footings for the new retaining walls and then undertake excavation for the building's footings. 

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Update 20 June 2019 

Please see photos below of the site. 

The building footings are complete and the walls at the front of the site are nearly done. 

The main concrete slabs will be poured towards the end of June and the steel frames for the building will then follow. 

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Update 10 July 2019 

Please see photos below of the site. 

The concrete slab has been poured. The installation of the building framework occurred last week. 

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Update 26 July 2019 

Please see photos below of the site. 

The roof and the cladding for the new building is underway. 

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Update 18 September 2019

Please see photos below of the site. 

The front facade is nearly complete, including the main window. Work on the veranda will start this week along with the main doors. BluBuilt have started laying the concrete for the Depot storage bays and the pre-cast structures are expected to be in place in a couple of weeks. The nursery steel structure is in place and the greenhouse will be done over the next fortnight. The southern boundary fence is expected to be completed this week. 

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