Council Assessment Panel

The Council Assessment Panel (CAP) meets in the Council Chambers on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 pm, excluding January when no meeting will be held. There are four Independent Members and one Elected Member on the Panel. CAP Members are required to act in accordance with a Code of Conduct.

Consistent with the Assessment Panel Member - Member Code of Conduct(PDF, 184KB) , members of the CAP are not permitted to engage with applicants or representors, etc. in relation to development matters falling within the jurisdiction of the CAP.

Plans and attachments to reports are no longer available for public viewing. This is a result of a new Council Policy, Access to Development Documentation(PDF, 167KB).

Agendas & Minutes

The CAP was established in October 2017. The previous committee structure,the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) and all agendas and minutes can be accessed under the Previous Committee Structure Archives.


Elected Members:

Independent Members:

  • Bill Chandler (Presiding Member)
  • Ross Bateup
  • Graeme Brown
  • Kate Shierlaw