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The process of public notification and consultation allows the public and in particular, adjoining or nearby property owners, the opportunity to view a proposed development, consider the likely impacts the proposal may have on them and provide any comments about the proposal prior to a decision being made.

The Development Act 1993, Development Regulations 2008 and Council's Development Plan specify three categories of public notification, listed below. (Section 49 - on public comment). These are:

  • Category 1 - no public notification (search Category 1 applications through our eTracking portal);
  • Category 2 - personal notice to owners/occupiers of adjoining land; and
  • Category 3 - a general public notification through a public notice in The Advertiser in addition to a personal notice to owner/occupiers of adjoining land and any other owner/occupier of land which in the opinion of the Council would be affected to a significant degree by the proposal were it to proceed.
  • Section 49 - on public comment. 

Council endorsed the Access to Development Documentation Policy(PDF, 146KB) on 25 September 2012. In essence, Category 2 and Category 3 development application plans will continue to be made available at Council offices for viewing, but will no longer be available on the Council website. You may visit the Council Civic Centre to view plans, alternatively Council's Planning staff are available by appointment to discuss applications that are subject to public notification and provide advice in relation to the Council's Development Plan. Application to purchase plans may be made by persons notified as part of the Category 2 or Category 3 notification process. Please note that only those persons (or their delegate) notified as part of the public notification process may submit a valid representation.

Current Category 2 and 3 Development Applications on Public Notification

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