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The City of Burnside is committed to preserving the city’s rich history and heritage. The area has a range of significant sites you can visit where you can delve into the historical highlights that have shaped Burnside.

Established in 1856, City of Burnside has a wealth of historic and heritage buildings, sites and streetscapes. Along with our natural heritage – the remnant trees and vegetation that still exists in the hills face zone, parks and reserves and in some private property – the built heritage gives our suburbs a unique sense of history, with excellent examples of building styles from various period over the last 150+ years. Much of the heritage is protected by state and local legislation, to ensure it remains for future generations to enjoy.

History Collection

City of Burnside provides a number of ways for you to learn more about the history of the city and how we can protect it. Our Library is home to an historical collection of objects, books and documents, which are used by researchers and residents alike to research the history of properties within the area, and in family history research.

Local History Room

Historic Walking Trails

Burnside Historical Society and City of Burnside have collaborated in a series of heritage walks around some of our suburbs.

Burnside Historic Walking Trails & App

State Heritage Buildings

Information about National Trust and State Heritage Buildings can be found at nationaltrust.org.au/sa and sa.gov.au websites.

Heritage Grants

Heritage advice and grants are available to assist owners of listed heritage properties with the conservation, maintenance and other work on their property.

Heritage Grants Information(PDF, 1MB)

Contact City of Burnside on 8366 4200 for more information.