Streetscape Management

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High quality streetscapes offer a range of benefits to residents and other users, including increased safety, an improved balance between natural ecosystems and built environments, improved mental and physical health for residents and visitors, spaces for passive and active recreation, places for neighbours to interact, increased civic pride, economic growth and increased property values.

Council’s Streetscape Guide(PDF, 64MB) provides guidelines for the development of high quality, sustainable, functional and cohesive streetscape development that celebrates and respects the heritage and character of the City.


Landscaped verges are an important aspect of streetscapes, supporting amenity and biodiversity in the City of Burnside. These verges help to sustain tree health, provide habitat, store carbon and cool streets.

Council encourages residents to help conserve this aspect of the City’s green infrastructure by maintaining the verges directly adjacent the residents’ property.

If residents wish to plant additional vegetation or undertake landscaping works within the verge in front of their property, they can lodge a request with Council for approval:

Verge/Road Reserve Landscaping or Planting Application

Suggested plantings include:

  • Native grasses or drought-tolerant lawn.
  • Ground cover or shrubs to a maximum height of 500 mm from bottom of water table.
  • Inclusion of plants that are locally native (indigenous) that add to the local natural character of the Council area and are drought tolerant.

Further information can be found in Council’s Verge Development Policy(PDF, 211KB).

Further advice can be provided from Council on suitable plantings – to do so, please email

Maintenance of council infrastructure

Council has extensive programs in place to monitor the condition of infrastructure to ensure it is replaced at the appropriate time, and any defects or issues are identified and addressed.

To complement these programs, Council also relies on members of the community reporting any issues or defects they find to enable Council to address these quickly (instead of waiting until they are picked up during a routine assessment).

To report any issues with Council infrastructure, go to Action Burnside.