City Development & Safety Department

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What Do We Do?

The City Development and Safety Department is focused on administering the provisions contained within the Act and Regulations in relation to development applications for building works, changes in land use and land divisions.

The general objectives of the City Development and Safety Department are:

  • To provide clear, accurate and consistent advice to customers, whilst processing development applications in a timely and expeditious manner.
  • To continuously improve levels of customer service and sustain consistently professional, responsive and helpful service.
  • To support the City of Burnside's commitment to continuous improvement in the delivery of services.
  • To facilitate high quality built form outcomes.

The City Development & Safety Department provides the following specific services to Council staff, the Councillors and the Community:

  • General zoning, land use and building classification advice.
  • The preliminary assessment of development proposals.
  • Statutory planning and building advice, support and assistance.
  • Negotiating with applicants and the community to achieve quality development proposals and built form outcomes.
  • The detailed assessment of development applications.
  • Coordination with other Council and State/Federal government agencies.
  • The development of Planning Policy.
  • Assistance with Councils Heritage Incentive Scheme.
  • Heritage Conservation Assessment.
  • Compliance Inspections.
  • Liquor Licenses Assistance.

What is the Development Assessment Process?

Planning SA has provided a document that summarises the Development Assessment Process. This downloadable document will assist all applicants in the necessary steps required for your development application.



  • Breaches of the Development Act 1993
  • Unauthorised development
  • Development not built in accordance with a consent

Planning Policy

  • Planning policy future directions
  • Heritage Grants Assistance Fund


  • Payment of fees
  • Plan & Section 7 searches
  • Copies of plans or documents relating to approved applications
  • Copy of plans currently on public notification
  • Extension of time requests


  • Zoning and Policy Area enquiries
  • Current Development Plan policies
  • Queries regarding past approvals
  • Variations to planning authorisations
  • Development Plan Consent updates
  • State and Local Heritage Places and Contributory Items


  • Building Code of Australia enquiries
  • Private Certifications
  • Full Development Approval updates
  • Swimming pools
  • Brush fencing
  • Wind Speed ratings
  • Schedule 1A development queries

Fencing disputes


The City Development & Safety Department consists of four individual teams. Each team contributes a different role and function during the processing of Development Applications.

For further information on any of the above, please call the City Development & Safety Department on 8366 4200 during business hours.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The City Development & Safety Department welcomes any feedback regarding your experience with the development application process. Please complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey.