Development Application Information

Application Forms

The following forms need to be completed and submitted as part of your development application in order for assessment to be undertaken. Please refer to the relevant Development Information Checklist below to determine which forms are required as part of your development application.

Development Application Checklists

The following checklists outline the minimum level of information to be provided at lodgement in order to process development applications. They are intended to help applicants to submit applications that are complete and can be processed efficiently. Please ensure the relevant checklist is completed and submitted as part of your proposal.

Extension of Time Requests

If you are seeking an extension to the operative time period for a development authorisation previously issued by Council, please complete and submit the following form accompanied by the relevant fee.

Application for Extension of Time to Develop

For enquiries relating to the lodgement of a development application please phone (08) 8366-4244.

Note: For every property transaction you make, there may be a tax consideration. ATO has provided a link to assist in determining your GST obligations. Refer to the ATO's GST and Property Guide.