Building Notifications

Section 59 of the Development Act 1993 requires a licensed building work contractor who is either carrying out building work, or in charge of carrying out building work, to notify the Council for various prescribed mandatory notification stages.

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Important information relating to expiation notices

Expiations apply for failure to provide Council with one (1) business days’ notice of the following stages of building work:

Notification required one (1) business day prior to: Expiation
Commencement of building work $500
Commencement of concrete pour for footings $500
Completion of wall and roof frame $500
Completion of cavity masonry walls $500
Completion of tilt up walling $500
Completion of building work $500
*Failure to provide a completed supervisors checklist relating to the roof framing within one (1) business day after notice is given. $500
*Concealing a completed roof frame prior to the expiration of two (2) clear business days after notice is given. $500
Completion of pool construction (prior to filling with water) $210
Completion of the construction of safety barriers or fence for a swimming pool $210
In relation to some other form of building work where swimming pool safety features (within the meaning of section 71AA of the Act) are relevant—the completion of that aspect or those aspects of the building work relating to the swimming pool safety features. $210

If building work that involves the construction of a swimming pool is being carried out within the area of a council, then—

  1. a licensed building work contractor who is carrying out the work or who is in charge of carrying out the work; or
  2. if there is no such licensed building work contractor, the owner of the swimming pool (within the meaning of section 71AA of the Act), must ensure that the construction of all relevant safety fences and barriers is completed within 2 months of the completion of the construction of the swimming pool.