Development Plan Policy

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The Development Act establishes Development Plans as the primary development guideline document in South Australia. Development Plans are integral to achieving the aims of both the South Australian planning system and the needs and wants of the community.

Additionally the Development Act also establishes the State Planning Strategy. The State Planning Strategy sets out the State Government's vision for the future development of the State and for regions within it. The Planning Strategy is maintained and updated by the Premier reflecting its importance in the South Australian planning system. It is a statement of State Government strategies, which are a guide to programs and actions, and sets the framework for the development assessment policies in Development Plans.

The policies contained in Development Plans should reflect the State Planning Strategy's framework and it is important that Plan Amendments are prepared having regard to the Planning Strategy.

The City of Burnside Planning Policy Team are continuously work on improving the current Burnside Development Plan to ensure that it reflects both the needs and wants of the State Government and the needs of the Burnside Community.

Current Plan Amendment Reports

For information on Planning Amendment Reports, please call the Duty Planner on (08) 8366 4200 during business hours.