Undertaking Work on Council Land


Authorisation to undertake these works must be obtained from Council if it is proposed to:

  • Create a driveway and gutter crossing or otherwise change the construction or arrangement of the road to facilitate access from or to a property;
  • Install, interfere with or remove a structure (such as pipes, wires, cables, fixtures) in, on, across, under or over the road, or;
  • Plant, interfere with or remove a tree or other vegetation on the road.

To obtain authorisation, the appropriate form below shall be completed and submitted online or to Council in person or via email to burnside@burnside.sa.gov.au.

Council staff will review the application and where necessary modify the specifications attached to the application. Once proof of insurance and potentially a revised application accepting any changed conditions is obtained, the application will then be modified by staff to become the Authorisation for the works.

It should be noted that if the new or altered driveway is part of a routine building development application, it is possible for the review to be part of the development review process and for the Development Approval to include driveway construction approval. Insurance for the driveway works can be part of the overall building project.

Where a person wishes to construct a driveway not associated with a development the authorisation will require a certificate of currency proving the required insurance coverage.

Please ensure that you provide a certificate of currency proving the required insurance coverage.