Glenside Lions Arts Show


The Glenside Lions Art Show is an annual art show and competition that is held in the City of Burnside Ballroom and presented by the Lions Club of Glenside.

The Art Show is an annual event, held and open to the public for a small coin donation, in October (16 October - 22 October 2019) at the Burnside Ballroom and has been running most successfully for over 25 years. A wide selection of over 450 works of art are displayed and once again the club looks forward to strong support from the local and wider community.

Overall this event has raised approximately $350,000 for community projects in the Burnside Council area as well as outside groups providing services to the wider community. The funds raised come from commissions on sold works of art as well as entrance fees, opening night tickets and raffles and this year we are supporting MNDSA (Motor Neurone Disease SA) with 100 per cent of everything we earn. MND SA is a charity that supports all South Australians affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Until there’s a cure, there’s care and MND SA assist with the improved well being of people in all stages of MND and help people live better for longer in a setting of their choice, no matter their postcode or age. There is currently no known cause for MND, no effective treatments and no cure.  MND is not well understood in our community and MND SA has a vital role in raising awareness, understanding, and ensuring appropriate funding and supports are available for everyone with MND.

Past beneficiaries have included Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Alzheimer’s Association (now called Dementia Australia), Legacy, HeartKids, Cystic Fibrosis South Australia Inc, SPELD Inc, Mary Potter Foundation, RDNS Foundation, Burnside CFS, Burnside Mobile Library, Operation Flinders, Lions Hearing Dogs and Eastwood Community Centre. 

The Art show, as well as providing funds for worthwhile causes also gives opportunity for both established and emerging artists to show off their talents. The show receives good support and positive feedback from artists and the community.

The event is run by Lions members and their partners as well as volunteers from the various charities which the event supports year by year. The club receives sponsorship from many local businesses in the Burnside Village with the Village management also providing space to preview some of the artwork a few weeks prior to the event.

The City of Burnside provides major support for this event by providing the $3000 prize money for the painting that is judged to be the best in the show. The prize winning painting for each art show is acquisitive and becomes part of the City of Burnside's Official Corporate Art Collection. 

Contacts for the Art Show
Cathy Greven – 0400 600 816 or email:

Sponsorship Coordinator           
Greg Drilling – 0466 836 801 or email:

Want to book tickets to the GALA Opening Event?
You can via the below link:

If you are an artist that would be like to participate, view the following on the Art Show website:
Important Dates for Artists

The Glenside Lions Art Show is also on Facebook and now on Gallery 247 


Glenside Lions Club Art Show Winners - October 2018 

City of Burnside Prize $3000 (Acquisitive)
Roe Gartelmann, The Breakaways, Watercolour

Roe Gartelmann, The Breakaways, Watercolour Winner
'The Breakaways' will be displayed behind the Customer Service Desk in the Atrium until next year.

Highly Commended
Angelika Erbsland, 'Coming Home to Malvern', Mixed Media

 Angelika Erbsland, Coming Home to Malvern, Mixed-Media-HC

Highly Commended
Greg Oleary, 'Still Life With Oranges', Oil

Greg Oleary, Still Life With Oranges, Oil

Highly Commended
Gerhard Ritter, 'Camel Train', Watercolour

 Gerhard Ritter, Camel Train, Watercolour


Highly Commended
Victoria Rolinski, 'South Oz Summer, Oil 

 Victoria Rolinski, South Oz Summer, Oil

Highly Commended 
Roland Weight, 'Stillness In Poetry', Other Medium

 Roland Weight, Stillness In Poetry, Other Medium

Hanger's Prize 
Mark Judd, Strawberry Splash1, Oil

Mark Judd, Strawberry Splash1, Oil Hangers Prize