Roads & Footpaths


Help Keep Footpaths Clear

While we all enjoy the leafy character of our suburbs, this should not be at the expense of the elderly or disabled who have trouble walking around tree branches. Please keep your trees pruned back from footpaths, before the Council does it for you and sends you the bill!

For more information, call 8366 4200.


You are encouraged to maintain the verge outside your property to enhance our already attractive streets. Landscaping with trees and shrubs can be incorporated but check with Council.

Call 8366 4200 before doing any work.

Council Road Reserve and/or Verge Application

Property Access and Drainage

Construction of gutter crossings, driveway aprons and property drains to the street gutter is charged to the resident. We are happy to provide advice and costings.

For more information please contact 8366 4200.

Driveway and Gutter Crossing Application


Street gutters, stormwater drains and creeks are there to take away rainfall. Do your bit for the environment and users of waterways downstream by keeping leaves, litter, car washing water and oil out of gutter and drain inlets.

Phone: 8366 4200.


Residents are reminded they need to apply in writing to Council before undertaking work on the verge adjacent to their premises. While Council certainly encourages this activity, inappropriate planting can create public liability issues. Planting may include native grasses or lawn, ground cover or shrubs to a maximum height of 600mm.

Other features - such as paths, edges and stepping stones - must be at ground level. Boulders and rockeries are generally not acceptable, except in steep terrain where pedestrian access is not possible. Irrigation systems may be installed.

In some cases, Council will help with preparation, such as removing rubble from the verge and replacing it with soil.

Underground Telephone Cables

If you damage cables under your yard, Telstra will charge for repairs.

If you are not sure where cables are laid, ring before you dig or you might end up digging into your own pocket!

Call "Dial before you Dig" on 1100 to check.

Application to Lay Underground Service

Damaged Facilities

Don't keep us in the dark over damaged facilities. To report damage to Council buildings, please contact our Customer Service team on (08) 8366 4200. To report damage to other public property, street trees and incidents of vandalism please phone (08) 8366 4200.

Report defective street lights directly to SA Power Networks on 13 13 66 or freecall 1800 676 043.