The Regal Theatre


The Regal Theatre, owned and managed by City of Burnside, is a heritage listed iconic attraction in our community and home to a range of movies year round, and home to the popular Hula Hoop Restaurant and Café. 

From opening in 1925, The Regal Theatre has played a major role in the fabric and culture within the City of Burnside community. Currently there are a range of movies for all ages. We look forward to seeing you at the theatre soon!

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The Chelsea Cinema is one of a number of historic theatres and cinemas which have been identified as being of State Heritage significance. The building, known as the Princess Theatre was constructed in 1925 and originally designed for silent movies but was adapted for talkies' when they became available in 1929. It was 'updated' from a late Edwardian design to an Art Deco design in 1940, and it this architectural character and quality which is the main basis of the history and significance of the cinema today.

In 1928 the Princess Theatre became the Marryatville Ozone, when Ozone Pictures (later absorbed into Hoyts) took over the ownership of the theatre. In 1941 a substantial upgrade was undertaken for Ozone by the firm of F Kenneth Milne Architect.

In 1963 the building was up for sale and Amoco Petrol Company was prepared to buy the Cinema and replace it with a petrol station. However, Burnside Council purchased the Cinema and leased it back to the previous owner, Hoyts.

In 1971 Hoyts decided not to renew their lease and Wallis Cinemas tendered for the lease. It was then that the building was renamed the Chelsea Cinema.

In 1983 the Cinema was entered on the State Heritage Register.

In 2008, the City of Burnside received a request enquiring as to whether Council would be prepared to sell the Chelsea Cinema and the adjacent May Street property. Following a number of options being considered in regard to the future use of the Chelsea Cinema site, the decision was made to run an Expression of Interest process for the sale of the site. This ultimately led to a strong activism within the community, contesting any sale and demanding that the building remain in public ownership as a cinema in perpetuity. As a result, the City of Burnside abandoned the sale process and opted instead to lease the cinema to a private cinema operator. Republic Theatres were awarded the lease, and the Cinema was subsequently re-named the Regal Theatre. Republic Theatres ran the cinema until 2017, when Council opted to take over management of the cinema using internal resources.

The City of Burnside implemented a Conservation Management Plan for the Chelsea Cinema in 2009, which was updated for the Regal Theatre in 2020 to guide the development, conservation and ongoing maintenance of the buildings, based upon an understanding of the history and significance, and the physical condition of the building.


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