Annual Community Survey


Our desired outcome of the City of Burnside Strategic Community Plan Be the Future of Burnside 2026 is that, "our community is actively engaged and involved in shaping the City's future."

The Annual Community Survey is one of the many tools that Council uses to enhance community input into the planning of council business and future years' annual budgets.

The most recent Annual Community Survey commenced in November 2015 and concluded on 6 December 2015.

The Survey is a statistically valid random telephone survey of 800 City of Burnside residents. It provides the community with an opportunity to have a say and contribute to the development of the draft 2016/17 Business Plan and Budget. 

For the first time residents could also have input into the draft Business Plan and Budget, even if they didn't receive a phone call. They had the opportunity to complete the online survey.


The Annual Community Survey was also undertaken in 2013, 2014 and February 2015. The Survey provides a measure of the level of community satisfaction and perceived performance of services provided by the Council to its residents.

The City of Burnside is committed to providing services to the community in the most cost effective manner possible, while at the same time constructing and properly maintaining vital infrastructure for the benefit of existing and future generations.

The results from November 2015 show that the City of Burnside recorded an average (mean) satisfaction score of 7.2 out of 10, which is an increase in comparison to the February 2015 result of 7.1, the 2014 result of 6.9 and significantly higher than the 2013 result of 6.7. Resident perceptions have been more positive in 2015 indicating that Council is generally meeting residents’ needs.

Using overall satisfaction as the main indicator of Council performance, the results in 2015 compare favourably against other South Australian Councils with 76 per cent of residents satisfied with Council’s performance, and an overall satisfaction score 6 per cent higher compared against the overall SA Councils benchmark. With the proportion of residents satisfied with the City of Burnside’s performance rising by 13 percentage points in just two years, the Council is now among the best performers in South Australia.

Overall satisfaction levels varied marginally from February 2015 to November 2015. Across all service performance indicators tested, services which attracted the overall highest satisfaction levels were:

  • Library services
  • Presentation and cleanliness of the City
  • Providing and maintaining parks and reserves
  • Garbage and green waste management
  • Providing and maintaining playgrounds
  • Providing a community bus service

The Annual Community Survey is one of the many tools that Council uses to enhance community input into the planning of council business and development of future years’ annual budgets.