Annual Community Survey


Our desired outcome of the City of Burnside Strategic Community Plan Be the Future of Burnside 2026 is that, "our community is actively engaged and involved in shaping the City's future."

The most recent Annual Community Survey was in 2017 which commenced in November 2017 and concluded in December 2017. The first Annual Community Survey occurred in 2013, with the years to 2016 measuring satisfaction with themes related to the Strategic Community Plan 2016 – 2026.

Now with strong trend data available, Council undertakes the regular survey on a biennial basis allowing alternate surveys to focus on key projects and strategic issues. The 2017 Survey was the first of these strategic surveys that focussed on specific areas of interest to gain opinions of current and future opinions of current and future directions, rather than satisfaction with services. A different approach was adopted to look into key areas to help with the further development of a Strategic Community Plan.

The Annual Community Survey provides Council with relevant, timely and statistically valid information in relation to community views of services by Council, awareness of these services and specific improvements that can be made in areas where satisfaction has historically been low. The overarching aim of the research in 2017 was to gain insight into key planning areas that will help with the delivery of services and future planning for the area.

Specifically, the research covered the following aspects:

  • Residents’ ratings of the importance of key service areas as defined by the 2017/18 Annual Business Plan and Budget.
  • Addressing areas of dissatisfaction, including footpaths, services for younger residents and older residents, leadership.
  • Future planning regarding aged care services and major developments.
  • Ways that Council can assist in connecting the community.
  • Residents’ perceptions on Council initiatives ie place-making, community hubs and mixed use developments.
  • What residents like about Burnside.

Importance of services

As part of Council’s review of services for developing future plans for the area, five key service areas were developed. A preliminary survey was undertaken to gauge residents’ ratings of the importance of these areas for prioritising funding in the 2017/18 Annual Business Plan and Budget.

In the 2017 Survey a more in-depth approach was taken to gauging the importance of service areas by analysing key components in order to gain an aggregated measure for each service area. Findings were consistent with this earlier research but indicate that residents still feel all of these services to be important.

While providing core services such as infrastructure and financial management will always be pivotal to resident satisfaction, so long as performance in those areas is consistently of high standard, there is openness from the community for Council to provide support and assistance in a variety of other ways.

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