Annual Community Survey


The Annual Community Survey is Council’s only fully representative survey conducted in the City, and the results of this survey are a genuine reflection of our community’s opinion. 

The survey has been undertaken for six consecutive years, providing strong trend data used to continuously improve our services for the community. 

The 2018 Survey monitored resident satisfaction on Council’s delivery against each Strategic Direction as per the Strategic Community Plan, Be the Future of Burnside 2026.  The survey also seeks out resident perceptions on the issues of the day, areas of immediate concern and future initiatives being considered. This information provides insights about what the community think of our services and measures of Council’s performance.

It provides Council with relevant, timely and statistically valid information in relation to community views and awareness of available services.   The Survey also flags areas where satisfaction is lower and thus Council can plan specific improvements to services.

The results of the 2018 Survey indicate that the community’s overall satisfaction with Council’s performance continues to be high (7.1 out of a possible 10).  The area that continues to achieve the highest level of satisfaction is the Burnside Library, with 94 per cent of our community giving a satisfaction rating of 7-10 out of a possible 10.

Areas that the community thought we improved in over the past year include:

  • Support for local business up 5 per cent to 62 per cent; reflecting the effort in projects such as Magill Village Partnership, Magill Road, and support for the Eastside Business Enterprise Centre.
  • Water management initiatives up 4 per cent to 65 per cent; reflecting effort in management of the First Creek Catchment, the Waterproofing Eastern Adelaide project and Brownhill Keswick Creek project. 
  • A 7 per cent increase in satisfaction with the provision and maintenance of footpaths to 57 per cent is the result of changes in policy and engagement processes for new and renewal of footpaths.
  • The provision and maintenance of local roads, increasing by 6 per cent to 66 per cent is the result of improved community engagement processes.
  • Hard waste and electronic waste management is the largest improvement in satisfaction up 9 per cent to 69 per cent. Council investment in promotion of the Hard Waste service and electronic waste, coupled with residents becoming more familiar with the new way of delivering the service, has contributed to this growth. 
  • A 9 per cent increase to 69 per cent satisfaction for providing and maintaining street trees is indicative of the positive response and community reaction to the launch of the Urban Forest Interactive and associated campaign.
  • Our community indicated that they support Council’s decision to undertake the management of The Regal Theatre with 87 per cent of the community rating 7-10 out of a possible 10 for this decision.

Council also want to ensure that we can communicate effectively with our community. As part of the survey, we ask what communications methods our community prefers.

Our community would prefer to hear from us by:

  • Email (44 per cent);
  • Letters and direct mail, mentioned by a third of residents (33 per cent);
  • Focus newsletter, one in five  preferred this communication channel (23 per cent);
  • Website (21 per cent);
  • social media (4 per cent).

For more information on the Annual Community Survey, please see Related Information below.