Outdoor Dining Application

Alfresco dining enhances the enjoyment of the dining experience for patrons of cafes and restaurants, and contributes to the vibrancy and street appeal of the precinct or location. Alfresco dining experiences also create interest and attract locals and tourists to the community, which in turn supports the local economy.

Outdoor dining areas may be located on a footpath or another public space adjoining a cafe or restaurant. These dining areas may contain tables, chairs and other furniture or equipment required for dining, or for the operation of the dining area. Street furniture to be approved by Council prior to installation and use.

Safety barriers (bollards) may be installed or present in outdoor dining areas for purposes of patrons safety. If existing safety barriers are upgraded, newly installed as a result of change of risk profile at the site, end of usable life of the existing barriers, damaged barriers, or for another reason, the annual rental fees associated with the safety barriers will apply.

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