Our City Logo & Crest


Our City logo

Developed in 1993, the distinctive City of Burnside logo appears on our building, vehicle and street signage, plus our promotional material and official documents.

The purple represents the jacaranda flower that proliferates throughout Burnside at the onset of summer, while the green represents our City's gardens and foliage. These elements were identified in a residential survey of what makes our City distinctive from others.

Our City Crest


Designed in 1938 by Edward Murray Seymour, the Burnside crest reflects our city's tradition and heritage.

Two of Burnside's early industries are represented in the crest- a grape bunch depicts wine making and a barrel and olive branches depict olive oil production. Another feature of the crest is the Glen Osmond tollhouse, which was built in 1841 and closed in 1847. At the top is South Australia's emblem, the piping shrike.

This crest is now only applied to very formal documents presented by the Burnside Council.