Mayor & CEO's welcome


On behalf of the Council, including our Elected Members, Chief Executive Officer, staff and our wider community, I warmly welcome you to the City of Burnside, which is a unique, picturesque, historic and treasured part of the Adelaide and South Australian landscape.

The City of Burnside acknowledges that the City is located on the traditional country of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains. It recognises and respects their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land.

This booklet has been created to welcome you into our City and give you information on the basic services we offer. Inside you will find information on Council services, the community, what to do and what to see and information about your new Council. If you are renting out your property, please also make this handbook available to your tenants.

Nestled between Adelaide’s foothills and the Central Business District, the City of Burnside has a history that extends back to the early days of European settlement in South Australia in 1856. Many people who have made significant contributions to our state have called this area home. They join thousands of residents, who through their pride in where they live and their sense of community spirit, continue to enrich our beautiful City.

We are fortunate to have a significant and diverse range of heritage places within the older suburbs and in our Hills Face Zone. These not only comprise of buildings, but also open, recreational spaces and parks, such as Hazelwood Park, that contribute to our City’s character and amenity, making Burnside a most desirable place to live, work, study and play. It is a city conscious of and respecting its past, while also appreciating the need for innovation, creativity and a focus on economic prosperity. Linked to this is an appreciation of the importance of supporting healthy lifestyles and well-being and providing tidy, safe and clean streetscapes.

Our Council acknowledges the need to continue to focus on matters relating to environmental action, conservation, sustainability, climate change, wildlife and preservation. These are addressed through a range of continuously evolving initiatives.

In our community we have over 46,000 residents from a wide range of diverse cultures. They comprise of communities of local people connected by particular interests, like sport, religion, arts, music, other recreational activities and culture for friendship, support and a sense of belonging. Each group contributes to the wider social fabric of the Burnside community, enhancing its connectivity, resilience and self-sufficiency. Critical to our operations are our dedicated team of volunteers who give countless hours of service to the Council, the environment and its people.

Above all, this is your Council. Participate and engage with it when you can, whether through volunteering, using our library, attending concerts, playing sport or engaging in community events. I also encourage you to support our many small businesses and service clubs and organisations who work hard in this City to provide for its future economic prosperity and contribute to the welfare of our residents.

I encourage you to get to know your Elected Members as we are all honoured to serve you. As a Council we look to connect with you and the wider community in new and evolving ways, building on the special attributes that make Burnside the best place to live.

Anne Monceaux, Mayor

Chris Cowley, Chief Executive Officer