Walking Trails


The City of Burnside has walking trails in its hills face reserves as well as Historic Walking Trails in various suburbs.

In the Skye/Auldana area it is possible to walk through the Magill Stone Mine Reserve and see the State Heritage listed stone mines. The reserves in the Mount Osmond and Chambers Gully area are within walking distance for many residents in Beaumont, Glen Osmond, St Georges, Burnside and Waterfall Gully. For others, a short drive or bus ride will open up a fascinating area to explore.

Walking trails comply to Australian Standard 2156, class 3. On class 3 trails you can expect to encounter natural hazards such as uneven surfaces, steep slopes and minor water crossings. Always stay on the designated trails and tracks, wear adequate clothing, take water and start no fires. Accidents can happen. So tell someone where you are going.

Walking/Hiking Trails Map

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Burnside Walks Smartphone App

Burnside Historical Society, the National Trust and the City of Burnside launched a new self-guided digital tour of Burnside in 2017.

The smartphone application (app) provides a digital walking trail accompanied by original and contemporary photographs and information regarding many of the significant historic sites of Burnside.

The ‘Burnside Walks’ app is now available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, free of charge.

Burnside Historic Walking Trails & App

Mount Osmond Walking Trails

The Reserves in the Mount Osmond area are within walking distance for many residents in Beaumont, Glen Osmond and St Georges. For others, a short drive or bus ride will open up a fascinating area to explore.

When you walk in the Mt Osmond Reserves, you will have spectacular views over Adelaide, experience some beautiful semi-natural landscapes and see relics from Australia's early mining history.

Please note that dogs should be under effective control at all times in all Council reserves. However, dogs are not allowed in adjoining State government reserves such as Cleland Conservation Park.

Please find map below showing where you can walk in the Mount Osmond area and in nearby Chambers Gully.


Public toilets are available at Langman Reserve, marked "T", and at Waterfall Gully (not marked on map).

Refreshments can be purchased at the Hazelwood Park Shops (100m west of northern end of Waterfall Gully Road), at the Waterfall Gully Kiosk (at the southern end of Waterfall Gully Road) and at Eagle On The Hill (west of the southern end of the Bullock Track).

Landscape & Nature

Most of the landscape in the hills face has been altered greatly since European settlement. The original woodland has mostly been cleared and many weed species have invaded. You will see areas where the Burnside Council has begun to restore the native woodlands and grasslands.

A surprising range of native flora and fauna still survive. You will see a range of birds and reptiles and you might even see an echidna.

Please appreciate what you see and don't interfere with plants and animals.

All native flora and fauna is protected within Council Reserves and within National Parks and Wildlife Reserves.

For more information, download the Natural Heritage Map of Burnside(PDF, 3MB) or phone (08) 8366 4200.

Suggested Walks

Few loop walks are possible at present without involving considerable distances on roads and streets. More will become available as more links are constructed.

In the absence of loops, it will be necessary to return on the same route, arrange a pick up or use the buses. All the marked tracks and trails are well worth exploring even if you have to return the way you came.

Loop walks are possible within Cleland Conservation Park accessed via Chambers Gully Reserve, from Waterfall Gully Road and Eagle on the Hill. Contact National Parks and Wildlife service for map of Cleland.

Phone 8204 9000 for more information.


The Mount Osmond area can be accessed on foot, using various streets and roads from the adjoining suburbs.

There are also many bus routes in the adjacent residential areas.

Parking is available at locations marked with a "P" on the map. Cars can also be parked on any road or street provided that parking restrictions are observed. Do not park in front of gates - these need to be accessible at all times for maintenance and emergencies.


Many roads and streets leading to the hills face area do not have footpaths. Please take care.

Trails and fire tracks take you through semi-natural environments with some associated hazards.

  • Watch out for uneven surfaces and minor water crossings.
  • Hillsides are steep. Always stay on the designated trails and tracks.
  • If you are scared of heights, don't use the Chambers Gully trail to Long Ridge.
  • If you see a snake, let it move away before you proceed.
  • During the fire season, do not smoke.
  • Light no fires at any time of year.
  • Do not use any trails and tracks on days when a fire ban is in force for the Outer Adelaide or Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban districts.
  • Take enough drinking water for the weather and length of walk.
  • Wear boots and clothing suitable for the weather. Remember your hat.
  • Accidents can happen. So tell someone where you are going.