Koalas are an iconic native species with a very high public profile. Koalas are protected by law in South Australia. Protecting and managing koalas is a complex task, particularly in urbanised environments. In suburbia koalas are exposed to threats such as dog attack, vehicle collision, habitat fragmentation and complete loss of habitat from urban development.

The koala will face many hazards during its lifetime. Loss of habitat from development activities has meant that koalas need to move across a very fragmented landscape to access resources such as food, water and shelter.

Koalas appear to be adapting to life in the suburbs and negotiate many urban hazards. Capturing and relocating healthy koalas away from their established territory can be very stressful for the koala, it is best to leave them alone.

Sick or injured koalas

Department of Environment and Water

To report a sick or injured koala please contact Parks SA during business hours on (+61 8) 8204 1910.

Please visit the Environment SA website for more information.

Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc.

Another option is to contact Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc. Fauna Rescue is South Australia’s largest wildlife organisation caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. They are a volunteer, non-profit organisation and care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

Koala Hotline: 1300 KOALAS (1300 562 527)

Please visit the Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc. website for more information.

How you can help

Koalas do need our help. Below are some things you can do to help koalas survive.

In the summer, they look for water. If you see a koala, please put a flat tray or ice cream container at the base of the tree. Place a rock in it so it will not blow away or tip over and please fill often. Please also bear in mind that water left in these bowls unrefreshed for more than a day can create a significant health risk (including disease contamination) to the koala and all the animals you are trying to help.

If you are leaving water out for wildlife, try to follow these simple steps to ensure that you, and the animals, do not get sick from cross contamination of diseases:

  • place the water bowl away from footpaths and well-worn trails (to avoid dogs)
  • only place water out if the season is particularly dry and/ or warm
  • ensure that any water bowls placed outside are replaced each day, so the water does not become a stagnant breeding ground for bacteria and viruses
  • always wash your hands after touching water bowls that have been in contact with an animal.

Please follow these guidelines to keep all our animals and wildlife safe.

Also, if your dog is barking, please check to see if they are barking at a koala.

Please call the Koala Hotline on 7226 0017 at any stage if you think they need help.