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Choosing Plants for your garden

Choosing the right plants for your Garden.

This guide has been prepared by the City of Burnside to help residents and developers in maintaining the area's soft, leafy landscape. It provides a step-by-step guide for choosing the best plants for your situation. The landscaping tips will help you create a sustainable landscape which is kind to the natural environment.

Plant Guide(PDF, 330KB)

Controlling ivy in your garden

The common English Ivy (Hedera helix) or one of its many variations can lead to the death of even the most majestic tree.

Learn more about English Ivy and ways to control it.

Controlling Ivy(PDF, 118KB)

Overhanging growth

Trees and shrubs inside your property which overhang the footpath must be pruned to ensure public safety.

Failure to do so may make you liable to prosecution under the Local Government Act.

Residents are urged to prune any growth from their property which hangs lower than 2.7 metres above the footpath.

Your co-operation will be appreciated by all pedestrians.

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