Inside Out

Four brings together artists who are developing works based on personal ideas and experiences. 

Ruth Galpin paints with fabric, mostly hand-dyed and hand-printed, with fragments of commercial dress fabrics that strip pieces into bold lines. Each of her quilts has its origin in nature, her content is colour, shape, pattern and texture, exploring space, rhythm and repetition. 

Jane Greet uses natural and handmade objects, patterns, textures and a bold and individual use of colour in her still life paintings. Many of the textiles and ceramics that feature in the compositions were collected during travels in Asia. Jane is now broadening the focus of her subject matter to depict the interior as a comforting space of self expression. 

Jean Haese has developed her love and knowledge of Japanese textiles and uses katazome, kasuri and modern Japanese cottons successfully. Her hand-dyed textiles are created into modern quilts and art pieces with negative space, to best highlight the beauty of the fabrics. 

Sandra Obst's pieces are all based on nature or a botanical theme. Texture and colour, enhanced with stitch, are key design elements using improvisational and collage techniques as a way to create a story. 

The title Inside/Out describes the process of creating, by bringing ideas from inside each artist out into the physical world of art making. This includes the development of personal concepts, methods and styles that are particularly important to each artist. This exhibition celebrates this in a range of media from textiles to painting and collage.

The exhibition opened on Friday 1 June at 6 pm. It will be open until Friday 22 June 2018.