Dorrit's Coffee Shop

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Dorrit's Coffee Shop at Pepper Street Arts Centre is open Tuesday to Friday 10 am - 4.30 pm and Saturday from 12 noon - 4.30 pm.

It offers a relaxed café style space to sit and enjoy your latte while reading the latest art magazine or catching up with friends. The menu meets all your coffee and tea needs with other refreshments available including soft drinks and milkshakes. Mini quiches, muffins, fruit toast and assorted biscuits are also available.

Dorrit's Coffee Shop is staffed by Pepper Street volunteers. 

Group Bookings 

We welcome groups for morning or afternoon tea or a light lunch, however bookings are essential (max of 15 people). There are special drink and food options for group bookings, you can find out more information on enquiry. If you would like to make a group booking please email or call 8364 6154.


Soy milk option is available for all our dairy based drinks.

Coffee (Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, Long Black or Short Black)  $3
 Hot Chocolate  $3
 Chai Latte $3
 Soy Milk add 50c
 Mug of hot drink add 50c
 Teas (Twinings or Herbal)  $2
 Iced Coffee  $4
 Milkshake (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla)  $4
 Spider  $3
 Soft Drinks $1.50
Mini Quiches
Mediterranean (vegetarian), Chicken and Asparagus, Lorraine or Spinach and Sundried Tomatoes (vegetarian) 

Turkish Delight, Orange and Poppy Seed, Berry or Cinnamon

 Fruit Toast (2 slices served with butter or dairy free spread option) $3
 Assorted Biscuits (including gluten free options) From $1

The Naming of Dorrit's Coffee Shop


Dorothea (Dorrit) Foster Black was born in Adelaide on 23 December 1891. She received her childhood education at the forward thinking school of Edith Hübbe in Erindale, attending the SA School of Arts and Crafts in 1910.

Dorrit’s studio in Magill overlooked the Penfold vineyards, with the winery in the distance as she painted it so often, and behind the hills face and olive trees.

Between 1915 – 1923 Dorrit attended the Sydney Art School after which she travelled to London and Paris to study with some of the major Cubist masters of the time.

On her return she became pre-eminent in the fight for modernism and for the recognition of the lino-cut medium, and was one of the first women to direct a gallery in Australia.

Black left the ranks of the Sydney modernists and resettled in Adelaide before she was tragically killed at the age of 59 driving along North Terrace, Kensington Gardens in her small Fiat. Her ashes were buried in the family plot in the old Magill Cemetery, not far from her home and birthplace.

Dorrit Black was an artist of significant talent and accomplishment, one of the select group who introduced modern art from Europe to Australia, and is remembered through Dorrit’s Coffee Shop at the Pepper Street Arts Centre.