Borrowing Toys

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Missing Pieces

All toys and resources are checked for missing parts and damage before it is re-shelved. We encourage members to count borrowed items as soon as they get home. In the rare instance that something is missing, please contact us straight away. Failure to do so may result in the assumption of lost or damaged toys.

If a piece goes missing, we allow plenty of time for the piece to turn up! If a piece is lost permanently, some can be replaced or remade and you will be charged a small fee. If an irreplaceable piece is lost or broken, a replacement fee will be charged. You will also be asked to pay for any careless damages, e.g. pet damage.

If a resource is damaged during borrowing, please return all pieces and advise Toy Library staff - we may be able to repair it! Please do not attempt repairs at home.

To minimise missing/damaged pieces, we encourage parents and care givers to keep our toys and resources in a separate place at home to encourage respect and care for them. We also suggest that parents play with their children and keep the toys for special times not for continuous unsupervised play. Our toys are designed to help children develop skills, not necessarily to occupy them full-time for the period the toys are borrowed.

Returning Resources

Toys returned on time enables the library to provide better service.

Items borrowed can be returned to the Toy Library during opening times.

If you would like to extend your borrowing time please contact staff.